Wednesday April 23rd - Kickball, Sand Volleyball are On!

Ditch the TV, Join the Crew!

Our Goal

In KC Crew, you will find a new social network of people oriented around a single goal: To get together and have fun. Our goal is to bring fun, organized Rec Sports and Events to the KC Downtown, Metro Area. Our sports leagues are currently at Penn Valley Park, Roanoke Park and One Park Place). In KC Crew once you pay for the team you are done. KC Crew provides T-Shirts at the first game, Paid Umpires(Softball & Soccer) who like their jobs, Schedules by the first game with no replaying the same teams over and over, and not to mention the chance to win $100 to a different bar every week. If you aren't looking forward to playing in KC Crew leagues we arent doing our jobs. Please let us know what sports you would like to see in the future or what we can do to make the leagues better by filling out the form here.